Gabbrielli Technology srl


Our company, established thanks to a several-years expertise of research, development and production of instruments for ceramic laboratories and for the production process control.Gabbrielli instruments have been delivered all over the world, in the most important laboratories, in the major ceramic control, according to the latest international standards.

Gabbrielli Technology


Over 40 years of experience of Gabbrielli Technology srl in the ceramic industry are at your disposal. Our consolidated experience in the R&D of machine and equipments for the ceramic industry enable us to offer our customers a range of services for consultancy and supply if items not easily to be found in the market. We are at your complete disposal in case you need our service and products:

SUPPLY OF EQUIPMENT AND INSTRUMENTS For the quality control process.

DESIGN and MANUFACTURE “On turn-key basis”complete laboratory, to meet the requirements needed.

AGREEMENT TO SUPPLY R&D For new products and specific technical applications in the ceramic industry.

QUALITY of our instruments.