Manual Silk - Screen Decorating

Instrument for the decorating of small quantities of tiles, ceramic panels, label, etc. Enterely made by galvanized zinc steel, for an high structural stability.  
Manual Silk Screen Decorating

Instrument for the decorating of small quantities of tiles,ceramic panels, label,etc. Totally made by galvanized zinc steel.
Durometer Shore

Pocket Shore durometer, allow to measure the hardness of rubber, cautchou, and soft plastic material using the Shore A measuring unit, and ridgid plastic material unsing the Shore D measuring unit.
Newman Tensiometer

An analogue instrument for measuring the tension of fabric on screen printing frames during tensioning.   
Digital Chronometer Stop-Start

Digital chronometer with quartz movement and ABS resin envelop.
Digital Micromanometer DMM -1000

Portable unit differential micro manometer with auto-resetting and auto-OFF features.
Miscellaneous Laboratory Kit

Consumption articles, glass, porcelain, various material in PE, TPX,PL, stainless steel articles, etc. 
Stereo Microscope SMTZ

Laboratory stereoscopical microscope, entry level, hight precision. The SM-80 stereo microscope is the best result between quality/price report in the professional instruments.
Tile Cutter DCT

The instrument was designed primarily for specimens used on dilatometers. Ideally, both ends of the sample should be flat and parallel.
Diamond Tile Cutter Specimen DTCS

Instruments to prepare the sample before putting in dilatometer and tile cutter.  
Sand Bath

Sand baths are ideal for the homogenous heating of the contents in the baths.
Lapping L 230 VT

All steel construction epoxi painted. Belt transmission, with recycle water pump with tap and discharge tube. Work interchangeable disks with quick fit. 24V control panel. Low noise during the working time. Touch Screen 3.5”  
Thickness Gauge TQM-ETG

Instrument for measuring thicknesses or coating layers. In screen printing it is used for checking the thickness of printing fabrics and the layer of photosensitive emulsion apllied. The thickness gauge has a digital measurement display with a current data storage capability.