Complete Set Stirrer AM

Laboratory instrument easy to use, for mixing and milling of many kind of substance. Complete set mechanical stirrer AMD with digital speed regulations, supplied with N°2Artiglio clamps, clamp at 4 jawes, Belfante chain stand, stand and mixing rods.                          
Technical Specifications

Spindle max. diameter :13 mm.

Stirring rods with a max diameter 8 mm.

Electronic variable speed range: 50 ÷ 2200 Rpm.

Display: LED (AM20 DIGIT) or LCD (AM40 DIGIT).

Accuracy speed mixing: +/- 3 Rpm.

Accuracy reading: 1 rpm.

Protection class: IP-42.

Supply: 230 V - 50/60 Hz single phase.


Stirrer and spindle key for fixing stirring rods.

Stand base 250x400mm with rod Ø 15x1000 mm.

N° 2 Artiglio clamps.

Clamp at 4 jawes, rod Ø 12, opening 0 ÷ 80 mm.

Belfante chain stand, opening 0 ÷ 150 mm.

Rod Ø 7 with horizontal fixed vane Ø 50x15 mm.

Rod Ø 7 with 4 cross-shaped vane Ø 50x15 mm.

Rod Ø 7 with 6 holes vane Ø 70x50 mm.

Rod Ø 7 with double pivoted vane Ø 90x10 mm.

Rod Ø 8 with anchor vane Ø 45x55 mm.

Rod Ø 7 with 4 propeller vane Ø 50x10 mm.

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