Colormeter CM-400

UNI EN ISO 10545-16 
Portable colormeter, suitable for tiles, powder, pastes, and other granular substances, with easily and accurately measured. The measuring head is detachable from the data processor. Now, you can take measurements directly with the head alone and can store up to 1000 measurement and up to100 colour-difference target colours; when the data processor is connected can be stored up to 2000 measurements. The compact, lightweight data processor is rechargeable battery-operated and features a built-in high-speed printer. A simple, cellular-phone-type text entry system is provided for entering the names of color-difference target colours and calibration channels.
Technical Specifications

Geometry: d/0° (diffuse illumination/0° viewing angle).

Measuring area: Ø 8 mm.

Measurng time: reading 1 sec., recharge reading 3 sec.

Light source: Pulsed xenon lamp.

Detector: 6 silicone photo cells doble rays.

Illuminant: C (6744K), CIE D65 (6504K).

Display range: 1,5—100% in reflectance.

Repatability: ΔE*ab within 0,07; chromaticity (x,y) within ±0,0002.

Display LCD languages: selecting GB-USA, F, I, E, D, XYZ, Yxy, L*a*b*,

Hunter Lab, L*C*h, Munsell (only illuminant C) CMC (l:c), CIE 1994, Lab99.

Colorimetric data: max, min, medium and standard deviation LCh99, CIE2000, CIE WI.

Tw (only illuminant D65) WI ASTM E313 (only illuminant C), YI ASTM D1925 (only illuminant C), YI ASTM E313(only illuminant C).

Inter-strumental agreement: ΔE*ab within 0,6.

Memory capability:100 colors,1000 measuring value.

Interface:RS-232C (compliant for data processor/PC), 19200 bps.

Supply: 4 AAA size alkaline or Ni-MH batteries, AC adapter. 230 VAC/50-60 Hz.


Printer data processor + RS-232C cable.

White calibrating plate 8 mm.

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