Test Chemical Resistance Kit For Glazed Tiles

UNI EN ISO 10545-13 
The samples are subjected to the direct action of the chemical agents listed below. The result, controllable visually, is determined by the duration of stay on the tiles of said products. In order to run the UNI EN ISO 10545-13, we also need: 1 cutter, 1 table lamp with white light, 1 light meter, 1 drying oven, 1 electronic balance with 0.05 g accuracy., 1 container for washing in running water, 1 kettle samples. Special packaging by land/sea/air standards to UN by quoting the order.

1 Liter Hydrochloric Acid 3% (V/V).

1 Liter Hydrochloric Acid 18% (V/V).

1 Liter Citric Acid 100 g/l.

1 Liter Lactic Acid 5% (V/V).

1 Liter Ammonium Chloride 100 g/l.

1 Liter Sodium Hipochloride 20 g/l.

1 Liter Hydroxide Potassium 30 g/l.

1 Liter Hydroxide Potassium 100 g/l.

1 Liter Acetone (grease solvent).

1 Chamois leather.

10 Plastic box with cover, to contain each 5 samples tiles of 50x50 mm.

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