Thermal Shock Tank

UNI EN ISO 10545-9 
Determination of resistance to thermal shock on ceramic tiles: THERMAL : If the glazed tiles are showing an absorption coefficient ≤ 10% (m/m) must be immerged in a tank “THERMAL” with a water flow of 4 lt/min and a temperature of 15 ± 5 °C, with a sufficient dept to allow the tiles to be placed vertically, immersed and so that are not in contact with each other. THERMAL-W: If the glazed tiles are showing anabsorption coefficient>10% (m/m) must be use the tank “THERMAL-W”.An aluminium plate of # 5 mm must to be put in the tank. The aluminium plate must have the lower flat surfaces to stay in con tact with a water flow of 4 lt/min. while the upper surface must stay covered with a layer of 5 mm thickness of aluminium grains (diameter from 0,3 up to 0,6 mm) onto which the tile must lay with it’s glazed face towards the grains.The temperature must be kept to 15 ± 5 °C. For both testings:after the tiles have been for 5 low temperature, take them immediately into an oven with temperature 145 ± 5 °C sand then.
Technical Specifications

Tank supplied with tap and water flow meter

Aluminium plate and grains (THERMAL-W)

Holder tiles basket (THERMAL)


Stainless steel basket to hold the tiles (THERMAL).

Aluminium plate with 2 kg of aluminium grains (THERMAL-W)

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