Infrared Thermometer 500 C

Infrared Thermometer for simple and accuracy measuring temperature without contact with laser aim on through K thermocouple with measuring range -64 ± 1400°C. The instrument shown onto display the word “HOLD” and keep for 7 sec the find temperature, after shut down automatic.This instrument is specially designed for the measuring tempearature in difficult points to reach, moving materials, etc, without risk for the operator.
Technical Specifications

Temperature range: -33 ÷+500 °C

Switch: °C/°F.

Repeatability: ±2% or ±2°C (±3,5°F) of reading,whichever is greater.

Repeatability: thermocouple K. ± 1% or ±1°C of reading, whichever is greater.

Response time: 500 mSec, 95% response.

Optical resolution: report distance /spot size 8:1.

Power: 2 battery type AA

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