Climatic Cell Frost Resistance-800

UNI EN ISO 10545-12 
EN-202 - ASTM C-1026 - GOST 27180
Instrument for frost test resistance on ceramic tiles, roof or a like products from room temperature up to – 25 °C. The tiles under go at least some 100 thermal-shocks (-5 ÷ +5 °C and -15 ÷ +15 °C) by repeated immersions or water spraying (the cycles are stored into the microprocessor). The climatic chamber is programmed to do the UNI EN ISO 10545-12 and EN202 Standards. Other standard on request.
Technical Specifications

Steel carrying framework epoxy powder painted, thermal insulated by high density boards.

Stainless steel sliding door thermal insulated to access chamber test.

Stainless steel chamber test equipped with a forced ventilation system for the uniform temperature distribution onto the samples.

Porthole Ø 200 mm and lighting for inside inspection during the test.

Stainless steel sample basket.

Thermoregulator and probe Pt100 inserted into a ceramic tile for temperature control during the test.

Stainless steel tank for water circulation during the test equipped with heating elements and probe Pt100.

System with integrated pump to spray the water on specimens.

Microprocessor programmer for thermal cycle.

Pre-setting ISO 10545-12 and EN-202 cycles.

Chart-recorder to check the working cycle.

Supply: 400 V- 50 Hz three phase + neutral (other voltage on request).

“Touch screen control panel with TFT color to 3,5”.

Saving data and parameters on USB key.

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