Glossmeter GM-20-60

UNI EN ISO 2813 - ASTM D 523 - ASTM D 2457 - DIN 67530
Instrument to establishing the specular gloss on the ceramic tiles, building material and finish, quality control of paint or ink, plastics, wood furniture, paper (coloured, rolled, painted), nylon, rubber, leather, photographic films, etc. The 60° setting is used for ceramic tiles, photographic films, marble, stone, plastic, paint, etc. As far as particularly reflecting materials - such as polished stainless steel - the measurement may not be accurate.To obtain an accurate report, it is necessary that the sample test may only be flat surface; irregular or particularly curved surfaces may lead to measuring errors.
Technical Specifications

Optical system: incident angle 20° e 60°.

Measuring range: 0 ÷ 100 gloss (resolution 1).

Display range: 0 ÷ 199 gloss.

Display: LCD 3 digit, 12 mm high.

Light source: LED (wavelenght 890 nm).

Light receiving part: SPD (silicone photodiodo).

Reading angle: 20° e 60° selectioning .

Reading area: 6 x 3 mm oval.

Reproducibility: ± 5% f.s. + 1 digit.

6 keys function: On, Off, 20°/60° Selection, Zero Cal., Span Cal., Hold .

Power Source: A3 dry-cell battery x 4.


Calibration plate 20°- 60°.


Connection cable.


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