Infrared Thermometer 1600 C

Infrared thermometer for simple and accuracy measuring temperature without contact with laser aim. This instrument is specially designed for the measuring temperature in diffiicult points to reach, moving materials, etc, without any risk for the operator.
Technical Specifications

Switch °C / °F.

Temperature range: 600 to 1600 °C (392 to 1600 °F).

Silicium sensor.

Spectral response: 0,9 μm.

Target spot size distance: 5 mm ±1 m.

Target D/S 200 : 1.

Accuracy IR: ± 0,25%K of reading +1°C.

Repeatability: ±1% K of reading +1°C.

Response time: 150 ms.

Emissivity: adjustable from 0,10 to 1,00.

Display: High contrast custom LCD backlight device.

Display resolution: 1°C/1°F .

Laser: Dual TTL (True Target Size)or parallel.

Interface : USB serial port and IR printer port.

Connection: termocouple K and S.

Calculated function: average, min, med, diff. delta T,ambient temperature compensation.

Allarm: visible and acoustic programmable min and max.

Data memory: internal memory to store up to 500 input data records structured by TAG (max 20 tag).

Software to transfer a selection of plant inspection from a PC to the internal memory.

Power supply: Rechargeable Li-ION battery pack.

Line operation: 100, 115, 230V ±10% - 50/60 Hz using the external charger.

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