Colorimetro CM-200

UNI EN ISO 10545-16 
Portable instrument for spectral analysis colour in ceramic industry and other many sectors (wood, paint, etc,).All the function and parameter are execute through 4 big keys on the keyboard and the easily menu that shown on colour 2,4” LCD display, SCI and SCE model and metamerism analysis for different working status. Tolerance setting, humanizational auto-judge color difference values and color deviation for judging the color easily. Professional color analysis software “Dataview” Windows for doing the colour data analysis and colour difference diagrammatic outputting.The model CM 300 is suitable to check powder, colloid and high reflection pieles.
Technical Specifications

Light source: white light.

Reflecting spectral curve: CIELAB, LcH, CMC,etc.

Repeatability: 0,08 (test the standard white tabula for 30 times to get the average value).

Measuring geometry: 8°/d (8° Falloff/diffuse reflection).

SCI Control System (Includes effect of reflected light) GT 1654.

SCI Control System (Includes effect of reflected light) GT 1654.

Coontrol System SCE (eliminate reflected light) GT1709.

Inspection angle: 10° angle of view in CIE.

Measuring area: Ø 8 mm.

Inspection condition: D65.

Parameter displayed: L*a*b*, L*c*h* Chroma values and E*ab、(△L*a*b*),(△L*c*h*)
color difference values.

Storage: 100 groups of standard samples and it can keep 100.groups of sample
values under every standard.

Calibration: standard BLACK cavity/WHITE plate.


CD rom Dataview/Windows.

USB connecting cable to PC.

No. 4 alkaline batteries.

Special adapter (DC:5V).

Standard Black and White.

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