Thickness Gauge TQM-ETG

Instrument for measuring thicknesses or coating layers. In screen printing it is used for checking the thickness of printing fabrics and the layer of photosensitive emulsion apllied. The thickness gauge has a digital measurement display with a current data storage capability. The TQM-ETG is an electronic thickness gauge which is  specifically designed to check silk screen frames.  This instruments is compact, practical and easy to use, and is the only one able to automatically calculate the thickness difference between the fabric and the emulsion. The instrument is equipped with a sensor and works through magnetic induction with a maximum tolerance ± 1 %. It needs no calibration before use, but is supplied with  calibration sheets if comparison is desidered.
Technical Specifications

Range:  1 ÷ 999 µm (0,1 ÷ 40 mils).

Accuracy:  ± 1 µm :  0 ÷ 250 µm - ± 1 % reading :  250 ÷ 999 µm.

Resolution: 1 µm.

Calibration Standards: 1 steel plate and 2 plastic  calibration shims.

Supply: 9 volt alkaline battery.

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