Abrasimeter Bohme

UNI EN 1338:2004 - UNI EN 1339 - UNI EN 1340 - UNI EN 13892-3 - UNI EN 14157 - DIN 52108
The instrument measures a volume loss in a specimen under abrasion test and it’s used in tests such as: paving stones, concrete slabs,slabs made of natural rocks,natural stone slabs. 
Technical Specifications

Cast iron horizontal disc with a speed of 30 rpm and a Ø of 750mm furnished of a 200mm test track to position a specimen.

Specimen’s holder.

Adjustable charger used to produce a force of 294 N ± 3 N on a specimen.

External Box with electronic control R.P.M.

Supply: 230 V - 50  hz single phase (other voltage on request).


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