Portable Microprocessor PH-Meter PH70

PH-70 portable microprocessor (pH - mV/ORP – Temperature, GLP - Data Logger USB), elegant and ergonomic IP 57 waterproof instruments. A large clear display backlit shows all the necessary information regarding the measurement the state of the electrode and the memory of the tool easier to use. All functional parameters of the electrode connected during the measures or during calibration, are constantly kept under control and inform the operator when an error occurs. Only 4 keys are used to manage all functions in a simple and intuitive. A practical USB suitably protected for ensure the watertight integrity, allows you to download data from the memory (with the date of last calibration) and plug the tool from the USB port of a PC or with his power 220V/USB supplied as standard.
Technical Specifications

Ph field.

Ph measuring field: -2,00...16,00 pH.

Resolution/Accuracy: 0,1 / 0,01 pH.

Tare points: 1, 2 or 3.

Buffer pads recognized: USA (pH 1,68 - 4,01 - 7,00 - 10,01) NIST (pH 1,68 - 4,01 - 6,86 - 9,18).

GLP: yes.

Timer calibration: yes.

Recognized indication of the pads used for calibration: yes mV field.

mV measuring field: ± 1999 mV.

Resolution / Accuracy: 0,1 mV (± 200 mV) / 1 mV (other).

Temperature field.

Temperature: -10....110,0 °C.

Resolution / Accuracy: 0,1 °C / ± 0,5 °C.

Automatic / manual temperature compensation 0…100 °C.

GLP system.

Memory: man/auto 500 data with day&date.

Software PC-link for data transfer on PC.

USB out for data transfer and supply by PC.

Datalogger man/auto with memory/recall up to 500 measure with day&date.

Auto stop: after 20 min. 

LCD display backlight.

In: BNC, Jack phono (CAT), and USB.

Battery: n° 4 AAA.

Supply: 3x1,5 battery AAA, adapter AC/DC with USB cable.

Battery life: > 500 hours.

Protection:IP 57.

Dimensions instrument: 86x196x33 mm.

Only instruments weight: 300 g. 


Portable microprocessor instrument, complete by 201 T electrode combined Ph and temperature with BNC plug,certified coloured pads,software PC-link, transport case.

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