Sharp Impact Tester

UNI EN ISO 4543/2 4.10
A mechanical precision instrument to measure the impact resistance of ceramic samples according to the Standard UNI 4543/2 4.10. The test that the Sharp impact tester allows to execute has the aim to determine conventionally the impact force, referred to the section unity, necessary to brake a specimen of material. The sample must be placed on the holders so that its center-line coincides with the one between the holders. The hammer is lifted up to the starting point and fixed by a special lock. Then the hammer is untied so as to produce the impact on the sample. The height is risen progressively till the sample brakes. By its residual energy the hammer swings on the opposite side reaching a height that is indicated by the sleeve pointer. 
Technical Specifications

Provided with holders suitable for the samples L=100 mm Max pendulum hammer and wedge-shaped impact extremity that exerts the impact in the center-line of the holders. 

The arch described by the percussion center of the hammer lies in a plane. perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the sample the hammer achieves a force of 0,98 J. 

Adjustable samples support.

Water level to ensure a perfect instrument levelling.

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