Abrasimeter ISO

UNI EN ISO 10545-7 
ASTM C 1027-99 (2004) - UNE 138001 - (P.E.I. and MCC method)
Laboratory instrument to determine the resistance to abrasion on glazing tiles. The instrumentsare calirated according to the UNI EN ISO 10545-7. Other calibration on demand. The test specimen is locked by means a special support containing an abrasive load composed by calibrated stainless steel balls, distilled water,and corundum grain size F80 on a rotating and swinging plate standard defined.
Technical Specifications

Steel structure epoxy powder painted.

Plexiglas protection cover with safety micro-switch.

Speed rotating defined and calibrated at 300 r.p.m.

Electronic control r.p.m.

Supply: 230 V - 50 hz single phase (other voltage on request).


ISO Set abrasive charge supplied with steels balls and corundum.

Float Glass calibration plate 100x100x6 mm.

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