UNI EN ISO 10545-2 
Laboratory instrument for determining the dimensional characteristic in the tiles (lenght, width, straightness of sides, rectangularity, surface flatness). The thickness is calculated by isothickness instrument. The measuring takes place by difference between the reference calibration plate (supplied with measures on customer demand) and the ceramic tiles to be tested. The instrument is used by means of a common notebook and the data acquisition is fully automatic. The instrument is equipped with PC and software that running with Windows XP/Vista/7,8.1 for acquisition, calculation of tile dimensions, recording and link to printer as requested by ISO 10545-2 standards. Especially suitable for tiles of reduced thickness. Wireless data transmission.
Technical Specifications

Wirless digital gauge, readability 0,01 mm

Rapid gauges positioning

Wirless data acquisition

Metal cleaner with cloth


6 Wireless Digital gauges, readability 0,01 mm

CD Software ISO 10545-2 for PC Windows XP/Vista / 7/ 8.1 or tablet

Software license key

USB-Wireless comunication key

Set of 3 support

Notebook complete with O.S. printer and software ISO 10545-2

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