Roulage Lourde

CSTB Cahier 3735-2013, Annex 5
The instrument is composed by: Support plate of sample perpendicular to the load support axis that rotates in a orizontal plane to a 93 ± 2 RPM speed throught a electrical engine Vertical axis perpendicular to the support plate where it’s fixed the wheel The wheel supported a load applied of 295 N ÷ 2N A counter permit to stop, after 22320 revolutions (about 4 hours or 14.000 mt), the test Fast reclacement of the tile test with automatic lifting of the weight • Two inclined strips of 100 mm lenght whose section is a triangle with a base of 20 mm and height of 3 mm Wheel cast iron graphite with the following characteristics: - Diameter: 50 mm (0 ÷ 1 mm) - Width: 20 mm (0 ÷ 2 mm) Rotation and direction free Support frame for a cement plate of 40x40 cm, thickness 4 cm
Technical Specifications

Steel structure epoxy powder painted

Low-noise booth

Electronic control rpm and automatic shut-off

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