Dilatometer 1000

Complete and reliable measuring instrument for laboratory tests, research and control on ceramic, glass, metal, plastics, polymers, composite, etc. The measuring system consisting of a sample holder with push rod that transmit the thermal expansion of the specimen to an LVDT transducer. By means a PC with software “DILATA” for Windows 7/Vista and colour printer, allow the customer to full operate on the Dilatometer 1000 L.   The software “DATALOG” enable the following functions: Program thermal cycle. Recording of the dilatation test. View and printing graphic data. PLC: Percent Linear Change versus temperature. DCE: Differential Coefficient of Expansion. ACE: Average Coefficient of Expansion. COE: Coefficient of Expansion between two point. Zoom selected portion of the curves. Compare on video and print more curves. Data transfer to other applications.
Technical Specifications

Max temperature: 1000 °C.

Thermocouple S type (Pt-Pt-10%Rh).

Sample reference: alumina.

Accuracy with quartz measuring system: ± 0,9 %.

Accuracy with alumina measuring system: ± 1,2 %.

LVDT Range: 5 mm.

LVDT linearity: 0,25 % FS.

LVDT contact pressure: 30 g. or more.

Sample size: L=50 mm x Ø 5 ÷ 10 mm (on demand L=25 mm x Ø 5 ÷ 10 mm).

Max heating rate: 30 °C / min.

Supply: 240 V - 50/60 Hz single phase.


Dilatometer notebook with O.S Windows, software, DILATA and colour printer.

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