The thermohygrograph is portable drum temperature and humidity recorder. Recording is done by means of nibs, on graph paper wound around the rotating drum. Recording and drum rotation can be mechanical or with battery, daily and weekly type. For a perfect recording ensure that there is not exposed to a direct sunlight or to sources of radiant heat.
Technical Specifications

Accuracy ± 1.6%

Humidity measuring unit: Little hair grid

Accuracy: 10-40% H. ± 5%

              40-100% H .± 3%

Case: AISI 304 steel stand and cover (stove enamelling at 160 ° C avaible on request)

Writing: Synthetic fiber nib with non rechargeable cartrige with a writing range of approximately 400 meters.

Battery: 1.5 V AA - LR6 Alkaline.

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