Compression Testing Machines 2000 T

Compression machine 2000 kN motorized 1 gauge to test blocks max. 500x300 mm, cubes up to 300 mm side and cylinders up to dia. 160x320 mm.
Technical Specifications

Max. vertical daylight: 336 mm

Compression platens: 510x320x55 mm

Gauges Ø 250 mm with specific resistance scales for cubes 150 mm and cylinders Ø150 and Ø160mm

Gauges divisions: 2000 and kN div. 5 Kn 600 kN div. 2 kN.

Hydraulic device to stop the piston’s stroke at its max excursion to avoid pumping the piston out of the cylinder

Calibration accuracy: Grade 1.0.

Max.ram travel 55 mm approx

Power supply. 230 V 1 PH 50 Hz

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