Tile Cutter DCT

The instrument was designed primarily for specimens used on dilatometers. Ideally, both ends of the sample should be flat and parallel. The specimen, previously blanched, is securely locked on to the pivoting clamp. The specimen is then rested on the two precision rotating discs positioned at the desired distance. The push downforce is controlled by an hydraulic decelerating system to djust it according to the different type of sample. At the end the instrument stops automatically. The opposite faces sample angles must be properly rounded before the use.   On request you can make 25 mm or other sizes of cuts
Technical Specifications

Precision between the two ends of the sample is: ± 0,02 mm

Two precision diamond parallel discs water cooled with cutting force controlled and adjustable.

Protection cover and safety switch.

230 V 50/60 Hz single phase

90 W 

Useful cut 50 mm

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