Datadimension wireless

UNI EN ISO 10545-2 
Laboratory instrument for determining the dimensional characteristic of the tiles (lenght, ortogonality, glide, warping, straightness of sides, curvature/bending of the sides). The instrument is used by means of a common PC (not included as tandard supply) and the data acquisition is fully automatic. The instrument is equipped with CD software that running with Windows XP/Vista/7 for acquisition, calculation of tile dimensions, recording and link to printer as requested by ISO 10545-2 standards. Wireless data transmission.
Technical Specifications

Digital gauge, wireless readability 0,01 mm


6 digital gauges,wireless readability 0,01 mm

CD software ISO 10545-2 running on Windows XP/Vista/8/10

Wireless communication key + license

AC adapter 230VAC - 12VDC

1 Set of 3 supports

Metal cleaner with cloth

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