Flexi 800 LX

UNI EN ISO 10545-4 
DIN 51030, ASTM C 648
Instrument  for the determination of max load and flexing modulus of rupture. Automatic instrument, consisting and adjustable supports to the sample.The upper knife (with electronic adjustable speed as requested to the standards), shall come down to press the sample till  breakage
Technical Specifications

Change up to 2 load cells with auto-recognition

Max load applicable: 800 Kg

Resolution on display: 100 g (with load cell 800 kg) 10 g (with load cell 100 kg)

Max applied load is shown in Kg or da N

Electro-mechanical operation

Load applied is programmable thus enabling to meet requirements

Automatic calculation of the S and δ

Plexiglass safety protection with micro switch

Software for the recording of the test, graphic showing time-load, the storage of the tests made

Internal printer

Supply: 230 V- 50 Hz single phase (other voltage on request)


Load cell: 800 kg with knife

Software and connection cable RS-232/USB for PC

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