Newman Tensiometer

An analogue instrument for measuring the tension of fabric on screen printing frames during tensioning. The unit of measurement used is the N/cm (Newton per centimetre). Constitutes a simple and reliable system for checking the tension in the various weave directions, giving a direct reading. This eliminates the errors which would inevitably arise with manual tensioning and checking. With the tensiometer, it is easy for example to achieve the same tension in all the frames in a given series. A tension checking system is not only useful for the production of new frames, but used frames can also be checked to decide whether and to what extent they are still usable.  The equipment is easy to check and calibrate, if necessary, and is therefore extremely simple to use. The tensiometer works mechanically, so it does not required batteries or power supply cables. It can be used with all types of fabric used in screen printing.
Technical Specifications

Measuring range: from 0 to 130 N/cm.

Precision: +/- 5% of full scale value.

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