Stereo Microscope SMTZ

SMTZ microscope provides a high quality image thanks to the high quality objectives. The microscope is also equipped with a video head provided of a TFT LCD colour monitor 6.4’’, with adjustable inclination. The white balance function button ensures the greatest image accuracy reproduced on the monitor. An RCA Video output allows link with an external monitor and, on demand, a RCA-USB converter can allow the connection with a computer in order to acquire/edit images coming from the microscope. The zoom range of objectives is from 0.7X to 4.2X, with standard 10X eyepieces, gives a total zoom range that comes from 7X to 42X. This range can further be enlarged through optional additional lenses and eyepieces, up to a zoom range from 3.5X to 210X.The illumination can be configured with transmitted illumination or with reflected illumination or with boths well; ensuring in this way versatility for every kind of observation. The Video Head can also easily be removed to allow the use of CCD cameras or standard reflex/digital cameras. The Microscopes can be equipped with accessories like stands, illumination systems, additional lenses, CCD cameras.
Technical Specifications

Observation head 45° tilted and 360° rotable

Adjustable interpupillar distance from 53 up to 75 mm

Diopter regulation ± 5 mm

Wide angle eyepieces WA 10x, wide filed 31 -5,2 mm

Zoom objectives 0,7X ÷ 4,2X

External switching 100 ÷ 230 VAC - 50/60 Hz.- 12 VAC


Supplied with eyepieces 10x wide angle, white disk

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