Abrasimeter for Testing on Dense Shaped Refractory

UNI EN 993-20, UNI EN 1402-6 (2004), ISO 16282: 2007, ASTM C 704
Laboratory instrument for the determination of the abrasion resistance of shaped refractory materials at ambient temperature (UNI EN 993-20) and also for unshaped refractory material (UNI EN 1402-6) Determination of the volume of material abraded from a flat surface of test-piece placed at a right angle to a nozzle through which 1000 g of size-graded silicon carbide is blasted by air at 450 kPa.
Technical Specifications

Steel structure epoxy powder painting

Manometer range 0÷600 kPa

Group pressure filter-regulator

Manometer 0÷100 mm H2O


10 glass tubes Ø 7x1x115 mm

5 OR

5 kg of silicon carbide,FE 36

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