Ultrasonic Cleaning UC-6

High power ultrasonic cleaning of test sieves, stainless steel grinding balls, jars and alumina balls charge, glass and ceramic instruments, etc.
Technical Specifications

Steel structure all stainless steel.

Capacity: 5,6 lt.

Inner tank dimensions: Ø 240 x 130 mm.

Max sieves diameter: Ø 203 mm/8”.

Filling volume for cleaning: 4,0 lt.

Cleaning time for 2 sieves: 2 min.

Timer: 0 - 15 min and continuos operations.

Frequency: 35 kHz with automatic control.

Operating mode: fullwave.

Installed power: 240 W.

Voltage: 240 - 50/60 Hz - 1 phase.

Protection: IP 32.

The instrument equipment does not enclose: Sieves, pan and cover,to be ordered separately.



Ball cock 1/4 “ for outlet.

Stainless steel basket for sieves.

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