Deep Unglazed Abrasimeter

UNI EN ISO  - UNI EN ISO 10545-6 
UNI EN 14617- 4,UNI EN 1344, UNE 127024:1999 EX
Laboratory instrument to determine the resistance to deep abrasion in the unglazed ceramic tiles obtained by means a steel disc Ø200x10 mm and abrasive material-as corundum grain size F80-that falls between the disk and the specimen. The instruments are calibrated according to the UNI EN ISO 10545-6. Other calibration on demand.
Technical Specifications

Steel structure powder epoxy painted

Plexiglas safety protection

Control flow abrasive outlet: Is done to according to the satndard

Steel disc Ø 200x10 mm

Hardness disc is done according to the standard

Supply: 230 V - 50/60 Hz single phase (other voltage on request)

Electronic counter

Maximum size of the sample: 180x180x80 mm


Calibration plate by transparent fused silica 100x10x3 mm.

5 Kg Corundum (aluminium fused oxide) white,grain size F80.
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