Kit For Test Stain Resistance

UNI EN ISO 10545-14 
The test specimen are subjected to the direct action of the chemical agent underwrite.The surface of the tile is subjected to standard cleaning method.The results, visually checked, is determined by the time of remaining onto the tiles of the products. In order to perform the UNI EN ISO 10545-14, you should also have: 1 mechanical cleaner, 1 box for running water wash, 1 tile cutter, 1 table light with white lamp,1 luxmeter,1 drying stove. Special packing ONU norm by road/sea/air to be quoted at the order.

1   Bottle of 100 cc of Green staining agent.

1   Bottle of 100 cc of Red staining agent.

1   Bottle of 200 cc of Olive oil.

1   Liter Hydrochloric Acid 3% (V/V).

1   Liter Hydroxide Potassium 200 g/l.

1   Liter Acetone (grease solvent).

1   Bottle of 250 cc iodine/alcohol solution.

1   Bottle of 500 cc strong detergent.

1   Bottle of 500 cc weak detergent.

1   Botton cloth.

1   Sponge.

20  Clock glass ø 30 mm.

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