Planarity Measurer

UNI EN 11128 - 1024
The linearity measurer is composed of two linear profiles on which run two supports at its ends and the comparator which is located in the center of the two supports. The comparator is reset on a plane reference planeAfter the zeroing the instrument is placed on the sample plane to be controlled by measuring the convexity or concavity of the sample.Instrument suitable to determine: A) Side flatness along the diagonal and straightness of the edges in brick hollow tiles of every size B) Longitudinal and cross straightness of flat brick roof tiles, decorative flat tiles, with side joint, side and front joint, channel-type and tiles of every size
Technical Specifications

Digital gauge 0,01.

Zero-setting bar.

Round supporting feet (UNI EN 11128).

Pointed supporting feet (UNI EN 1024).

Fast coupling for gauge and supports.

Graduated scale etched on a brass plate as reference for the distances of the supports and the gauge.

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