Crometro CR5

UNI EN ISO 10545-4 
EN 100, DIN 51030,ASTM C 648-04
Precision instrument for the measurement of the breaking force and flexural tensile strength of the ceramic tiles according to the Standards. The Crometro is composed of the base that applies and controls the force that is applied to the sample and a rail with a load cell for reading the applied load. The working bench with the adjustable and swinging tiles supports is pushed upwards. During the stroke, which is adjustable, the tile comes across with the upper central blade with the load cell on it that is part of the crossbeam. Adjustable feed speed.
Technical Specifications

Pneumo hydraulic operation.

Lower and upper knives according to the standard with the rubber hardness IHRD 50±5.

Max applied pressing force 1000 kg.

Possibility of using two load cells one for high load 1000 kg and one for low load 100 kg .

High precision load adjustment application.

Sample test: from 100x100 up to 650x650.

Direct reading of the applied load and displaying of the maximum reached value in kg or daN.

Measurement by means of electronic precision cell.

Resolution: 100 g for high load (0-1000 kg), 10 g for low load (10 kg)

Storing of tiles size.

Automatic calculation of the flexural tensile strength modulus in N/mm².

5 digit display showing data on.

Operating pressure: 8,2 bar

Internal printer.

Supply: 230 V 50/60 Hz single phase.

Workload 1000 Kg


Base with transom, electronic unit with display and load cell 0 -1000 kg.

Serial exit for PC.

Bottle of oil (1 Lt).


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