Mohs Minerals

EN 101 
The determination of the hardness of a mineral can be an important step toward its identification. Hardness is the resistance which the smooth surface of a mineral offers to being scratched. A diamond is the hardest of all substances and can only be scratched by another diamond. Over a century ago, Friedrich Mohs by experimentation made up a scale of hardness which is referred to as Moh’s scale. It does not imply an exact hardness, but is set up so that any mineral can scatched by those above it in the scale. Since diamond is the hardest it is given the number 10; talc is the softest so it is given number 1. We do not supply n°10 diamond our kit includes minerals from 1 to 9.WE DO NOT SUPPLY SPARE PARTS OF SINGLE MINERALS.
Technical Specifications

N° 1  -  Talc

N° 2  -  Gypsum

N° 3  -  Calcite

N° 4  -  Fluorite

N° 5  -  Apatite

N° 6  -  Orthoclase

N° 7  -  Quartz

N° 8  -  Topaz  

N° 9  -  Corundum


Case with n° 9 minerals

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