Gradient Kiln- Single Chamber-GKMC-1

The purpose of this gradient kiln is to obtain a series of temperature readings from samples during a single firing cycle. The style of kiln is ideal for trials of ceramic glazes, colours and clay bodies, insulators and sanitaryware etc. In this style of kiln a fixed gradient of approximately 20/25°C would be apparent between each of the nine measuring point.Overall there is an approximate gradient of 180°C across the nine thermocouples between the “hot” and “cold” ends. As standard the kilns incorporate a TCS2 microprocessor controller, able to store 99 programs with up to 99 segments per programme, offering total flexibility in the firing curve.
Technical Specifications

Maximum design temperature 1300°C

Fixed gradient

9 samples fired at one time

20/25°C between each reference point

TCS2 Microtech programme controller

Voltage: 230-50 Hz single phase

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