DIN 51131, EN 13893, complies to CEN/TC 134 (Draft 134 WI 033),UNI CEN/TS 16165:2012 (E)
Tribometer is a mobile instrument for measuring the coefficient of sliding friction of floorings conforming to DIN standard 51131 and EN 13893. The measuring instrument consists of an active sliding unit, a set of interchangeable sliders, fastening angle for the traction cable and pack of rechargeable batteries. The sliding unit contains the traction mechanism, sliding friction measuring electronics, LED indicators and a battery charger. The slide measuring instrument standard design GMG 200 is for the routine control of sliding friction on various floor coverings. The sliders can be interchanged depending on the floor covering. The material of the sliders, the actual ambient temperature and humidity are also detected and recorded in the report. The LED indicators are a simple users guide, indication of actual working conditions and computed sliding friction coefficients. The integrated data interface RS232 allows a transfer of the measured values to a laptop or a PC, which enables a choice and precise evaluation of the measured traces of curves and deviations from nominal values to be made. A standard report can be printed. The necessary software GMG – VD is separately available. The instrument can store up to 90 measured curves (e.g. 18 measurements each with 5 curves).
Technical Specifications

Current supply: Integrated lead-gel rechargeable battery

Battery charger: 230 VAC +10% / - 15%, max. 20 VA

Current consumption:

Power connection (charger): Power supply plug

Interface: RS 232

Memory for measuring curves: 90

Temperature range: -10°C … + 40°C

Rel. Humidity: 20 - 90 % r.H. (non condensing)

Dimension of measuring surface: 10 cm2

Traction speed: 0,2 m/s +/- 0,01m/s

Pressure on sliders: 8 N / cm2

Rage of friction coefficient: 0,01 – 1 resolution 0,01

Accuracy: <+/- 1% of final value plus faults caused by vertical or horizontal

off-track traction caused by floor conditions at site

Admissable vertical off-track traction: +/- 1cm on 1m

Admissable horizontal off track traction: +/- 1cm on 1m

Temperature measuring range: -10°C – 50°C +/- 1°C

Humidity measuring range: 20 – 90 % +/- 7%

Slider with leather

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