Digital Micromanometer DMM -1000

Portable unit differential micro manometer with auto-resetting and auto-OFF features, range of measuring from  0 ÷ 1000 mm H2O column. Differential micro manometer LCD based on piezo-resist sensor for pressure control into the kilns, driers etc.
Technical Specifications

Measuring range: 0 ÷ 1000 mm H2O.

Scale resolution: ± 0,1 mm H2O fino 200 mm H2O. - ±1 mm H2O from 200 mm to 1000 mm H2O.

Accuracy: ± 1%.

Static pressure: max 7500 mm H2O.

Battery lasting: approx 20 hours non-stop use.

Auto-OFF after 10 minutes with acoustic signal (possibility to cut-off on switching).

Auto re-setting.

HOLD function push bottom.

OVERFLOW warning over 1200 mm H2O.

UNDERFLOW warning below 200 mm H2O.

Measuring field selectable: mm H2O, PSI, hPa, mbar, mm Hg.

Supply: 1 alcaline battery 9V (type S-6LR61) .


Carrying case coming sylicone pipes Ø 3x6 mm, Ø  6x8 mm and meatallic tube Ø 4x6 mm.

N° 1 alcaline battery 9V (type S-6LR61).

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