Laboratory Roller Kiln LRK-1230/140-1220

Laboratory roller kiln permits simulation of any firing cycle, faithfully reproduing the required operating conditions. The thermal gradient of firing curve can be readily controlled at any point of the cycle and the optimum gradient for the product being examined. Outside structure steel plate coated with epoxy powder paint. Internal structure insulating refractory ceramic materials for those parts exposed to the fire; ceramic fibres for the insulating parts.
Technical Specifications

Working temperature: 1220 °C.

Maximum sample dimension: 100 x 100 x 25 mm high.

Ceramic rollers diam. 16 mm. - pitch 30 mm.

Internal tunnel dimension: width 140x1230 mm lenght.

Height above roller table: 42mm (inside of the tunnel).

Indipendent temperature adjustment above and below roller plane by means 2 thermoregulators (microprocessors).

Therocouples: Pt-Rh10% .

Working cycle: from 9 minutes up to 100 hours with continuous regulation throughtout the entire period.

Slow motion of the material with swinging system (forward-backward of different lenght).

Reverse motion.

Chain transmission and roller release in case of blockage.

Roller release in case of blockage.

Blowers can be set from the outside with kiln on through 360°.

Efficient indirect cooling adjustable by means of  24 shutters.

Supply: 230 V - 50 Hz single phase.

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