Thermobalance TOP-RAY

Laboratory instrument and production control for the fast determination of moisture %.Set the cycle for temperature/timing, lay on tray the sample for drying (from 3 to 160 g.), after close the lid of the oven. The balance shall automatically start the cycle as set. As soon as the cycle is over an acoustic warning will be produced. The LCD display will show the % of moisture eliminated or left.
Technical Specifications


Double walled with air space, stainless-steel internal wall.

4 quartz lamp with infrared emission λ= 2,5 μ.

Timer from 1 up to 99 min, step by 1 min.

Thermal response time: from 50 °C up to 100 °C about 1 min.

Moisture loss rate %/Δt for autostop settings from 0,1% up to 99,9%.

Autostop mode: temperature setting from 50 °C up to 160 °C step by 1 °C.

Moisture range: from 0,01 % up to 100%.

Drying precision: ± 1%.

Acoustic alarm and reading hold at the test cycle end on display.

Test repeat with lasts time and temperature data.



Range: 160 g

Precision: 0,001 g

Minimum quantity product dry: 3 g

RS232C output for connection printer or PC.

Supply: 230 V - 50/60 Hz single phase


Calibration weight by 100 gr.

RS232 output for connection printer or PC.

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