Laboratory Spry Dryer

Laboratory instrument or small production unit to produce spray dryed powder from slip. The slip is being sucked via one pump and sent to a nozzle where it is mixing with compressed air which shall generate a floating fog inside the chamber. The hot air– generated by a gas firing unit – shall dry-up the fog and produce a powder which shall decant into the bottom cone-shaping of the unit. As soon as the working cycle is over the product can be sucked off through one fan. Environment dejection powder not provided.
Technical Specifications

Production capacity: reference to slip with dencity of 1.6-1,7 kg/lt

Inlet temperature: up to 310 °C

Outlet temperature: from 95 °C to 130 °C

The product’s humidity percentage is between 0 to 10%

The spray dry is fully controlled by an electric cabinet

Working chamber from stainless steel AISI-304 with tempered glass porthole to check production cycle

Gravity drain valve

Dejecton cyclone of fine powder

Peristaltic pump with variable speed

Supply: 400 V - 50 Hz three phases (other voltage on request)


Interchangeable spray nozzle with holes for 3 different granulometries.

Scale for inspection and cleaning of the inner chamber.

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