The V-MIXER shaped laboratory are suitables for homogenizing products in granules and powder in ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry. Consists of two tubes with lids V in silicone and a gate valve to discharge the material worked. Through a mechanical transmission, the product within these tubes V rotates 360 ° to achieve a uniform mixing. The tubes are designed to V without corners to facilitate the sliding of the product inside. Both inner and outer sides of the tubes in V are in stainless steel AISI-304 mirror polished (on request at time of order may also be constructed of stainless steel AISI-316). Composed by a motor, timer, start / stop switch and safety device against short-circuit. The capacity utilization is approximately 50% of the total volume. Available in 0,5 – 1 – 2 – 4 -8 lt

• Corpo miscelatore a V totalmente in AISI-304
• Motoriduttore
• Interruttore ON-OFF
• Timer 0 – 60 minuti
• Volt: 220 -240 Volt. 50/60 Hz monofase

• Cavo di alimentazione elettrica
• N°2 coperchi in silicone

Codice Modello Capacità totale Dimensioni esterne Potenza Peso
GT1545 VMIX-8 8 lt 600x400x700 mm 80 W 20 Kg
GT1544 VMIX-4 4 lt 500x400x605 mm 80 W 18 Kg
GT1543 VMIX-2 2 lt 415x400x445 mm 80 W 16 Kg
GT1542 VMIX -1 1 lt 415x400x315 mm 80 W 14 Kg
GT1541 VMIX-0,5 0.5 lt 415x400x315 mm 80 W 13 Kg
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