"Company towards innovation and quality"

For over 80 years since its foundation, Gabbrielli Technology is the referenced manufacturer for laboratory instruments in the Ceramic Industry.

Our instruments have always been present in the most important Certification Laboratories especially Standardization and Metrology Organizations, Universities, Research Institutes and in the main international producer of tiles, sanitaryware, tableware, natural stone, cement, refractory and related sectors.

Today, more than ever, the laboratory represents a necessary investment for quality control of all production phases, according to the most recent international standards.

Gabbrielli Technology is the historically qualified, reliable and experienced partner able to provide for all customers the State of the Art of Laboratory equipment.


Our consolidated experience in the research and development of machinery and laboratory equipment allows us to guide the customer towards the right selection of the quality tests to be performed in compliance with international standars. If the equipment does not exist, we can study and implement technological solutions on specific needs. We are happy to support all our customers in their technological evolution processes.


Understand in advance market’s needs with new laboratory instruments to make quality more measurable, controllable, accessible to all customer targets.


LABORATORY INSTRUMENTS  for off-line control on finished product.

PROJECT & DESIGN of complete “turnkey” laboratories.

RESEARCH AND ENGINEERING of new devices according to current international standards.

CUSTOMIZED EQUIPMENT for specific needs and sectors.


SKILLED SUPPORT for any pre and post sales needs.



The origins

Gabbrielli brand was founded in 1939 in Florence by Guglielmo Gabbrielli.
50 Years

The post-second war and reconstruction

The construction industry was developing and Gabbrielli immediately stood out for its ability to design innovative solutions. In those years Guglielmo Gabbrielli began the production of the first circular grinder for floor tiles.

60 Years

The Economic Boom and start of testing instruments production

With economic development Sassuolo, the largest Italian district for the production of ceramic tiles will increase its production with new need to automate the production lines. During these years Gabbrielli entered into the ceramic sector by producing an innovative screen printing machine that allowed to print multiple colors with great precision. In addition, other new machines are created to automate the production lines with boxing / unboxing machines.

In second half of the 1960’s, Gabbrielli produced the first innovative line of laboratory instruments: the Acometer and Plucometer for dimensional control, two Abrasimeters for test the surface abrasion resistance and the Capon Abrasimeter for deep abrasion tests.
Two other very important devices for on-line production control will be the K2 Penetrometer for control the pressed tiles and the Crometro for the control of the breaking load and Modul of Rupture MOR in fired and unfired tiles.
Machines and laboratory control instruments are increasingly exported all over the world.

70 Years

Industrial development

Gabbrielli in 1971 designs and patents an automatic system SS120 which brings together in a single unit the loading / unloading of kiln and clamping / unclamping of the tiles. Furthermore, in cooperation with Mori Forni and Welko, the technological leap of the ceramic process is developed and consolidated. Also the laboratory instruments sector is further increased with the realization of the hydraulic press L2 that works up yo 70 Ton.

80 Years

EN Standards

These were years of great technological transformation. The first WELKO single-layer roller kiln with the first innovative ROLSTOCK VERTICAL STORAGE produced by Gabbrielli is installed at Saces in Maranello. The 1985 publication of the European EN standards elaborated in 11 years by the CEN technical committee give a new important contribution to the quality control and classification of ceramic tiles, and in this context the instruments produced by Gabbrielli become the first reference and common used in laboratories to perform the tests required by EN standards.

90 Years

ISO standards

In the 1990s, the publication of the ISO standards gave a new important incentive. GABBRIELLI SRL the new enterprise invests many of its financial resources to produce new laboratory devices and systems that are increasingly becoming an important reference for the ceramic industry all over the world, according to the new ISO standard and also for be used in the research. In those years GABBRIELLI realize the new Plucometer, Impactometer, Climatic Chamber, Slipperiness Meter BCRA, Autoclave, Deprimometer and many others.

2000 Years

Three generations, same passion for test the quality

Today GABBRIELLI TECHNOLOGY Srl represents the natural continuity of the production of instruments started for over 60 years.
With the third generation in the company, the ceramic instruments for the laboratory have evolved but we still find some historical products in the catalog that even many decades remain in daily use in ceramics sector all over the world.
The company has diversified and targets sectors such as sanitary ware, natural stone, refractory, tableware and similar, always offering high quality construction devices and machines.
The utmost attention and focus on the current international competitive context, the new international standards and the many needs of its customers, allow our team to continue studying and designing new solutions while facing future challenges always with the same enthusiasm and passion.

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