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    ABNT NBR 16919ASTM C 418DIN EN 16165ANSIANSI A326.3-2021ANSI B101.1ANSI B101.3AS/NZSAS 1172.1AS/NZS 4586 2004AS/NZS 4663 2004ASTMASTM C 97ASTM C 99ASTM C 170ASTM C 368ASTM C 373ASTM C 424ASTM C 456-93ASTM C 501ASTM C 648ASTM C 704ASTM C 704 15-1ASTM C 880ASTM C 1026ASTM C 1027-99ASTM C 1028-07ASTM C 1352ASTM C 1353ASTM C 1405ASTM D 523ASTM D 1188ASTM D 2240ASTM D 2457ASTM D 2726ASTM D 4318ASTM E 11ASTM E 23ASTM E 228-06ASTM E 303-93ASTM G 65-16BSIB.C.R.A. MethodBS 410BS 812 Pt. 114BS 3402:1969BS 6077 Pt 1BS 7044BS 7188BS 7976BS 8204D.M. n° 236 GIUGNO 1989DINDIN EN 16165:2021 Annex BDIN EN 16165:2021 Annex ADIN 51030-2012DIN 51097-2016-04DIN 51130-2014-02DIN 51131-2008DIN 52108DIN 53505DIN 67530ENCEN TC 134 (Draft 134 WI 033)EN 100 (Replaced)EN 101 (Withdrawal)EN 202EN 993-20EN 997EN 1024/AEN 1024/BEN 1097-08EN 1184EN 1324EN 1338EN 1339EN 1340EN 1341EN 1342EN 1344EN 1348EN 1402-6 (2004)EN 1436:1997EN 11128EN 12372EN 12697-6EN 12697-7EN 12825-5.2EN 12825-5.3EN 12825-5.4EN 13258EN 13892-3EN 13893EN 14157-2017EN 14158EN 14231EN 14581:2005 (method A)EN 16165:2021 annex AEN 16165:2021 annex BEN 16165:2021 Annex CEN 16165:2021 Annex DEN 14617EN 14617-1EN 14617-2EN 14617-4EN 14617-5EN 14617-6EN 14617-9EN 14617-11EN 14617-12EN 14617-15EN 14617-16GOSTGOST 27180ISOISO 148-1ISO 868ISO 2813ISO 3310ISO 4543/2ISO 13007-2ISO 13320ISO 16282:2007ISO 10545ISO 10545-2ISO 10545-3ISO 10545-4ISO 10545-5ISO 10545-6ISO 10545-7ISO 10545-8ISO 10545-9ISO 10545-10ISO 10545-11ISO 10545-12ISO 10545-13ISO 10545-14ISO 10545-15ISO 10545-16ISO 10545-17 Draft Annex AISO 10545-17 Draft Annex BISO 10545-17 Draft Annex CMCC methodP.E.I. methodUNEUNE 138001UNE 127024:1999 EXUPECCSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 1CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 2CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 3CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 4CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 5CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 6CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 7CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 8CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 9CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 10CSTB Cahier 3778 Annexe 11

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