Abrasimeter Taber

The test is perfformed for research and development, process controls, quality controls. Rubbing wear is generated by rotating the sample on the horizontal axis and bringing it into contact with the vertical creeping rotation of the disks mounted on the instrument. The discs are dragged by the sample in counter-phase on a horizontal axis. The signs of abrasion are a series of crossed arches on elements of about 30cm².This area is sufficient to evaluate most materials. Power supply voltage: 230V 50Hz ; CE marking.

Mounted to a rotating turntable, specimens are subjected to the rub-wear action of two abrasive wheels. Driven by the test sample,the wheels produce abrasion marks that form a pattern of crossed arcs over a circular ring approximately 30 square centimeters. This reveals abrasion resistance at all angles relative to the weave or grain of the material. Critical components and wheel easy to replace; quick release wheel mounting hub; direct flow vacuum nozzle with precision height adjustment and screw 8 and 11 mm; Touch-screen control panel with multi-language menu allows you to set different test parameters and operate the turntables independently of each other with storage of test profiles. The TABER 1750 is equipped with two sample turntables, allowing you to run two tests simultaneously (test two different or identical samples for comparison or contrast.)

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT2270 TABER SINGLE HEAD 315x391x213 mm 230/50-1 20 kg
GT2271 TABER DOUBLE HEAD 535x394x213 mm 230/50-1 25 Kg
Code Description Image
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