Particle Size Analyzer Mastersize 3000 Series





ISO 13320


Raw Materials Lab

Compact laser granulometer with exceptional performance. Measuring range: 0.01 μm – 3500 μm covered with single optics.

• Laser granulometer for suspensions, emulsions and dry powders.
• Measurement range: 0.01-3500 microns
• Second blue laser: from 10mW to 473nm
• Acquisition: 10kHz
• Analysis: Mie and Fraunhofer theory
• Sampling-measurement-washing: less than 60 seconds
• Alignment: automatic
• Source: He-Ne red laser 4mW 632.8 nm – Blue LED 10mW 470nm
• Reproducibility: better than 1%
• Repeatability better than 0.5%
• Accuracy better than 0.6%
• Detector: log-spaced detectors arranged in an angular range from 0.015 to 144 degrees

• Innovative software in a Windows environment (7Pro, 8Pro and 10Pro)
• Display in a single screen of all control functions (raw data, granulometric result, trend graphs with standard deviations in real time)
• Latest generation SOP Manager for immediate SOP creations and comparisons
• Immediate and intuitive Report Designer, for viewing your data in your own way
• Calculation theories: Full Mie Theory and Fraunhofer’s Simplification as required by ISO13320: 2009
• 21CFRp11 Compliance available.

• Mastersizer 3000
• Packaging
• Instruction manual
• The instrument requires but does not include PC and Monitor

The Mastersizer 3000 fully meets and exceeds ISO13320: 2009

Code Model External dimensions Power Voltage Weight
GT2616 MASTERSIZE 3000 690x300x450 mm 50 W 100/240 V - 50/60 Hz 30 Kg
GT2413 MASTERSIZE 3000E 690x300x450 mm 50 W 100/240 V - 50/60 Hz 30 Kg
Code Description Image
GT2415 HYDRO CELL compatible with wet "auto lock" solvents
GT2414 HYDRO EV Sampling unit for suspensions and emulsions