Laboratory Press 80 Ton





Semiautomatic o automatic hydraulic press for testing on ceramics. Essentially consisting by a support base steel epoxy painted, two column steel zinc, two cylinders and an hydraulic power-pack with oil tank. The maximum pressure from the top cylinder can be adjusted by the operative. Once manually charged in the mould the powder is being pressed by the upper cylinder up to the maximum pressure request. As soon as the cycle is over the sample can be taken out with the lower cylinder. With the automatic version is possible to programming up to three pressing cycle and mould are available on request three filling. The filling of the mould is made manually by the operator. The press come without mould, that should be ordered on request

Press Touch:
• Manual pressure gauge
• Speed adjuster to the extracting
• Built-in pressure gauge on the panel or with touch screen
• Supply: 400 V – 50 Hz three phases (other voltage on request)
• Programming the working cycle through touch screen (for GT2398)
• Possible to set up to 10 Recipes (for GT2398)

Code Model External dimensions Maximum force applied Max pressure Power Weight
GT2398 Press 80 T Touch 510x710x1600 mm 80 ton 220 Bar 2,2 kW 500 Kg
GT2585 Press 80 T Manual 510x710x1600 mm 80 ton 220 Bar 2,2 kW 500 Kg
Code Description Image
GT0763 Steel mould Ø 40 mm
GT0764 Steel mould Ø 50 mm
GT0765 Steel mould 40x80 mm
GT0766 Steel mould 50x100 mm
GT0781 Steel mould 55x110 mm
GT1335 Steel mould Ø 50 mm 2 cavities
GT1730 Steel mould Ø 30x100 mm
GT1624 Steel mould Ø 100x100 mm
GT2583 Steel mould Ø 100x200 mm 1 cavities
GT2584 Steel mould Ø 150x200 mm 1 cavities
GT2586 Steel mould Ø 100x150 mm 1 cavities

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