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Portable instrument dedicated to the analysis of the drying process for the ceramic industry by controlling temperature, humidity and shrinkage. Data analysis via USB interface and dedicated software that allows you to compare up to 4 tests in a single graph, displaying temperature, humidity and shrinkage.

• Measured size: Temperature, Humidity and Shrinkage
• Sensor: Temperature: Pt100 | Humidity: Capacitive | Shrinkage: Linear potentiometer
• Measuring range: Temperature: -30 ¸ 150 °C | Humidity: 0 ¸ 100 % | Shrinkage: 20 mm
• Resolution: Temperature: ± 0,1 °C | Humidity: ± 0,1 % | Shrinkage: ± 0,1 mm
• Accuracy: Temperature: ± 0,2 °C range: 0 ¸ 140 °C | Humidity: ± 4 % range: 2 ¸ 98 %
• Memory: 16000 acquisition per measurement channel
• Sampling rate: from 1 second to 59 minutes and 59 second
• Battery: User replaceable high temperature battery
• Dimension: 169 x 55 x 52 mm (lenght x widht x height)
• Housing: 316 L stainless steel
• Software: simple software for programming, downloading and data treatment in windows
• Certification: It is possible to request a certificate of calibration
• Software Acquisition: it is possible to program till 6 different acquisitions.
At the end of an acquisition starts the next one. Each acquisition has duration and sampling frequency
that can be freely planned.
• Acquisition start: the acquisition start is freely planned inserting the date and the hour that someone
• Graph: The temperature, humidity and contraction curves are put in a graph at whole screen. In the upper
part of the graph there is a schedule which summarizes numerically the recorded values.

• 320x230x150mm, software CD, USB adapter, user manual.

Code Model External dimensions Voltage Weight
GT2680 PORTABLE SHRINK-LOGGER 169x55x52 mm batteria interna 0,4 Kg
Code Description Image