Pugmill PMV – 200 Extruder

Pug mill for clay body. Made of stainless steel AISI 304.It comes complete with manual cutter, slide support clay pug mill and vacuum pump oil. Die for extrusion of slug with dimension only on request

• Max output 200 Kg/h
• Slug diameter 93 mm
• Propeller diameter 93 mm
• Seam diameter. 85 mm
• Supply 230/50 Hz single phase

• Wire – type manual cutter
• Guide to support the slug at the extruder exit 120×400 mm
• De-airing oil pump
• Connections
• Interception valve
• Filter
• Vacuometer
• Electric control panel
• Material input hopper 150×150 mm

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT1061 PUGMILL PMV - 200 1500x400x600mm 0,9 kW 100 kg
Code Description Image
GT1487 Connector for flat profile. Profile width: 120x12mm
GT1565 Die for extrusion of flat slug section 120x60 mm