EXCLUSIVE instrument for data recording in real-time of weight loss, shrinkage and internal temperature of a ceramic sample, or other material, subjected to a drying cycle in a room controlled in temperature and humidity.
The measuring system is consisting of a stainless steel chamber withforced air circulation, to allow the presetting cycle in temperature-humidity with the following limits:
– Working temperature max 120 ° C
– Relative humidity H.R. : 0% ÷ 100%

The test chamber is provided by the following equipments: forced air circulation, heating, cooling and steam generator. During the test, the sample complete of in it the shrinkage transducer and a probe – is put on a balance and monitoring to a PC that record all the variation happened during the test. Notebook, operating system by Windows, softwares, printer.

• Thermal cycle programmer by means of microprocessor
• Dimensions for the standard sample: 75x150x25 mm

Software for PC right to thermal cycle program and data
recording variation:
• Chamber temperaure: max 120°C
• Chamber humidity: from 0% up to 100%
• Inside sample temperature: resolution 1°C
• Loss weight: %
• Loss weight: resolution 1 g
• Shrinkage: %
• Shrinkage: resolution 0,1 mm
• Supply: Volt. 230 – 50 hz single phase
• Compressed air: max 7 Bar

Code Model External dimensions Weight
GT0443 RETRACTOMETER 720x600x1900 mm 150 Kg
Code Description Image