Thermobalance Touch

Laboratory instrument and production control for the rapid determination of the dry residue and relative humidity %. Set the temperature / time cycle, place the sample to be dried (from 3 to 160 g in weight) on the plate, then close the oven lid. The scale automatically starts the set cycle, at the end you are warned by an acoustic signal. On the 5” TFT touch-screen display all the parameters of the drying process, all the relative results, all the data visible individually are displayed.

• 4 quartz halogen lamps with infrared emission λ = 2.5 μ
• Thermal response time: from 50°C to 100°C in 1 min. about
• Multilingual: (IT-EN-DE-FR-SP-PT)
• Loss % / Δt value for automatic stop settable from 0,1% to 99,9%.
• Last stored GLP / ISO calibration log
• 4 heating modes: standard, rapid, ramp, gradient
• Preheating On / Off
• Programmable timer from 1 to 99 minutes, and autostop division 1 min
• Autostop mode: temperature settable from 35°C to 160°C division 1°C
• Indication of humidity: from 0.01% to 100%, dry residue in% and ATRO
• Drying accuracy: ± 1%
• Live Graph of humidity content changing
• Up to 10 hot keys for fast recall of drying cycles from internal database
• Default database stored already with more than 30 products

• Capacity: 200 g
• Accuracy: 0.001g
• Calibration: external 100g weight
• Minimum quantity of product to be dried: 3 g
• Display 5’’ TFT color touchscreen 800×480
• RS-232C and USB data outputs for printer or PC connection

• 100 g calibration weight
• n ° 10 aluminum plates Ø 100 mm

Code Model External dimensions Power Weight
GT2376 THERMO-TOUCH 215x345x235 mm 430 W 4,7 kg
Code Description Image
GT0451 80 Pack aluminum plates
GT2374 200 Glass fiber plates Ø 90 mm for liquid or semi-solid products
GT0413 Kit infrared quartz lamp for drying heater
GT2375 Usb pendrive 8 Gbyte
GT2377 Touchscreen Stylus pen

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