Torsional Viscometer Type Gallenkamp





Raw Materials Lab

Torsional instrument for the viscosity determination of ceramic fluids and other types. The instrument is ready to operate in ceramic
laboratories, if you’ll buy other torsion wire and cylinders, the instrument can operate in all the other branch of research (pharmacy, food, cosmetic etc). The torsional viscometer Gallenkamp type makes viscosity measurements following the principle that a rotating cylinder immersed in a fluid is subject to a viscous drag. The result is shown on disk with graduated scale.

• Made by aluminium base with three level points:
• Nr.1 graduated disk
• Adjustable sample cup support
• Nr.1 torsion wire and 1 cylinder
• Viscosity range approx: from 0,25 up to 1.000 poises

• Nr.1 torsion wire 30 swg
• Nr.1 cylinder ø 1”+4” (ø 6,35 mm)
• Nr.1 cylinder ø 1/2 ” (ø12,7 mm)
• Nr.1 cylinder ø 11/16 ” (ø 17,5 mm)
• Nr.1 cylinder ø 1 + 5/8 ” (ø 41,27 mm)
• Nr.1 sample cup ø 67 x 60 mm
• Nr.1 Instruction manual and calibration curve

Code Model External dimensions Weight
GT0888 TYPE GALLENKAMP 250x210x720 mm 9,6 kg
Code Description Image
GT0889 Sample cup ø 67x60 mm
GT0890 Cylinder ø 1”+1/8” “(ø 28,57 mm)
GT0891 Cylinder ø 1/4 “(ø 6,35 mm)
GT0892 Cylinder ø 1/2 ” (ø 12,7 mm)
GT0893 Cylinder ø 11/16 ” (ø 17,5 mm)
GT0894 Cylinder ø 1 + 5/8 ” (ø 41,27 mm)
GT0895 Torsion wire 24 swg Open image
GT0896 Torsion wire 26 swg Open image
GT0897 Torsion wire 28 swg Open image
GT0898 Torsion wire 30 swg Open image
GT0899 Torsion wire 32 swg Open image
GT0900 Torsion wire 34 swg Open image
GT0901 Torsion wire 36 swg Open image

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